1、 Technology R & D mechanism
 The company has always attached great importance to the development of research and development and science and technology. It has a high-tech R & D center, which is responsible for the development and design of new technologies and new products. The vice general manager in charge of R & D is responsible for the overall arrangement of the work. The director of R & D center, R & D experimenter and other positions are set up to be responsible for the innovation of related technologies. The R & D center and the company's technical department shall timely grasp the industry-leading technology trend, the application of advanced equipment and the development of new products, so as to ensure the accuracy and feasibility of the R & D direction; at the same time, they shall be responsible for the optimization, upgrading and production technology guidance of the company's internal technology. The reasonable setting and implementation of functions ensure the direction and efficiency of enterprise innovation. According to the needs of the company's development and in combination with the company's own advantages, each research group of the R & D center organizes research projects in a targeted manner, and employs well-known experts in the industry to establish an academic committee to check the R & D direction and project selection of the company.
2、 Talent incentive mechanism
 In order to encourage employees to innovate actively and enhance their innovation motivation, the company adopts a combination of R & D project achievement award, equity incentive and advanced innovator honor incentive mode. According to the scope and performance of technological innovation activities, the company has formulated incentive rules such as R & D project incentive system and talent performance evaluation incentive system, classified and identified scientific research achievements, and awarded according to the contribution degree.
3、 Personnel training mechanism
 The company has established a perfect talent training mechanism, covering the training and further study of scientific and technological personnel, staff skill training, introduction of excellent talents, talent performance evaluation and reward, etc. At present, the company mainly adopts the combination of internal training and external training for the training of technical personnel.
Internal training includes technical training and management training. Technical training trains employees' working skills in the way of combination of teaching training and post practice, among which, teaching training mainly faces new employees and transferred employees, and post practice faces all on-the-job employees; management training mainly trains management concepts, and encourages managers to never stop facing middle-level and above cadres.
In addition to internal training, the company also uses the opportunity of cooperation with many universities and scientific research institutes to send reserve forces to external institutions for targeted training, significantly improving the theoretical level of technical personnel in a short period of time. At the same time, the company also actively supports technical personnel to participate in international and domestic technical exchange and academic exchange meetings, and timely grasp the latest trends and development trends of industry technology.
4、 Cooperation mechanism of industry university research
Based on the in-depth research on the development status and trend of relevant industries at home and abroad, the company cooperates with Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of technology, Dalian University of technology, Zhejiang Chemical Research Institute Co., Ltd. and other research institutes in R & D projects. Through project cooperation, the company has absorbed the latest technical achievements at home and abroad. The technical level is in the subdivisions of light potassium carbonate, potassium bicarbonate, aminopropline hydrochloride and fluorine-containing fine chemicals, which shortens the period of product technology research and upgrading, helps the enterprise to improve its industrial position and technical competitiveness, and brings considerable economic benefits to the enterprise.