Technological superiority
asymmetric synthesis
Asymmetric transformation
Anhydrous anaerobic reaction
Chiral resolution (including chemical and biological methods)
Reactions catalyzed by many enzymes
Distillation (atmospheric or reduced to 0.05mm Hg)
High temperature and high pressure reaction
Reduction reaction: reduction of enzyme, sodium borohydride or hydrogen
Transition metal catalytic reaction
Reaction type
Acetylation (Friedel Crafts reaction)
Acyl chloride reaction: amide, ester, amidation reaction
Alkylations of-C,-N,-S,-O etc… Alkylation of.. - C, - N, - s, - O, etc
Bromination reaction
Nagata Hydrocyanation
Ge: AR-SA '> bromination reaction
Dieckmann condensation reaction span >
Gabriel synthesis
Grignard Reaction
High vacuum distillation
Hydrogenation reaction
Hydrolysis of ester, amide and nitrile
Anguage: AR-SA '> hydrogenation
Liquid ammonia reaction
-Low temperature reaction at 70 ℃ (- 70 ℃)
Phase transfer reaction
Substitution reaction